The Imposter

Is it strange, do you think, to watch Mr M drop everything and dash out the house, just because he believes the ‘measer’ from next door is lying in wait for Princess Sasha? Not in our household!

Despite protesting that the cats are mine, Mr M is completely devoted to his girls. No nasty imposter is going to upset them! I’ve tried to explain that he needs to let them fight their own battles but he just won’t listen. That big bad Siamese is an imposter in our garden and stopping the girls going out (that’s his version of the truth)

Here’s what is really going on….

Sascha is more than capable of handling any cat that comes into her territory and surprise, surprise so is Little Cat. In fact from what I’ve witnessed I’d lay bets on Little C coming out on top every time.

When Mr M is at home it’s a different kettle of fish. They revert to being hand maidens who can’t fend for themselves and smugly sit in the window watching Mr M run after a neighbouring cat. No doubt believing this entertainment has been laid on exclusively for their amusement.

And the Siamese…well..he just kept out of reach and I swear I heard him laughing as he ran next door.

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